You know, like the mustard?

Hey, you. Tomorrow, I set sail (board a plane) for Dijon, France. Yes, the very place responsible for the fancy mustard in your refrigerator. I bet you didn’t even know that it was a city (I sure didn’t). Well, it is real and there’s a mustard museum and everything. Let me be clear, I am not traveling to this city for the sole purpose of marveling at the mustard museum (though you can bet on it that I will be making a point to visit that museum). I will be staying with a French family under the pretense that I tutor them in English. Really, it’s just a scheme for me to finally become fluent in French after all these years of studying. If I am not fluent after two months in country, just send my ass right back, s’il vous plait! Look, I don’t exactly know why you would read this blog, but I will try to keep those interested up to date with what I get up to in France.

A bientôt, America!


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  1. You are already a day behind…. Don’t be whining about how tired you were after a couple of 6 hour flights and a train ride…. What’s going on in France?


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