Finally, a Temperature Above Freezing!

Hello, hello out there. Today was a beautiful day in Dijon! There was a high of 65 degrees F! The sky was clear, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the abundant church bells were ringing! I walked into town today with the family. I thought previously that it was too far to walk, but it was just my horrible sense of direction and distance from the car rides we’ve taken. It’s really not all that far; all in all today I walked not even 5 miles. It was a very tranquil walk despite the hordes of people who were out and about taking advantage of the good weather.

Alright, a little history for you. There’s a thing about tiled roofs here: way back when, if you were super rich (like the bourgeoisie), your roof tiles were patterned and colorful. Today, these colorful roofs remain, likely the most expensive buildings to own (aside from the castles and private hotels). To see them in the sunlight was something like a dream.

Another dream of mine that was realized today: we stopped in a tea house for an afternoon snack. The menu almost made me cry. On the ceiling, there were oak beams that have been there since the building was built, probably back in the 18th century. It was incredible. But for me, the more incredible aspect of the whole place was the tea, bien sûr! I tried a thé parfumé called Sakura, which was a green tea with japanese cherries. It was very agreeable. It occurred to me, while I sat drinking this tea in this cute little place, that I am not living life to its full potential. I definitely must live somewhere that has a cute tea house if I ever wish to be happy in this life!

Some more observations after today:

  • The clothes have anglicisms which I find rather hilarious, like “Hot Dogs in New York” and “Don’t Text Your Ex” and other such dumb sayings. I would liken it to how we have many clothes with dumb French sayings! Also, I don’t know where people who aren’t skinny shop in France; the large size in stores is like an american medium at best.
  • Much to my surprise, not everyone in France is a smoker. Quel surprise! Though I have walked through more than a few vape clouds.
  • I started a list without realizing I didn’t actually have enough items to create a real list, sorry! Fin.

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